California's Pheelynx reveals new single, "Can't Get Away"

Hailing from sunny California is Pheelynx and not too long ago the singer-songwriter revealed her upbeat new single, "Can't Get Away". The single is incredibly upbeat from the get-go, with no hanging about here as it delves into your ears head-first with the fast-paced drumbeat. 
Post-punk mixed perfectly with alt-pop, upbeat, and full-on!

Vocally it's very 2000s Indie-Rock, and we love that, it's frantic and full-on, and this means that you'll soon be wanting to sing along to it.

The charming guitar sounds adorn the track in the breakdown, once again giving me that nostalgic vibe from around 20 years ago. If you're looking for a new artist that brings in post-punk mixed with alt-pop then look no further than Pheelynx.