Chords of Indigo releases their debut single, "Hits Right"

Coming right out of Manchester is Chords of Indigo and just this Friday saw them release their debut single, "Hits Right", and let me tell you that this hit us right in the feels.

The fresh new single has some tremendous amounts of nostalgia for me, partly down to the blend of charming new-wave guitar tones (think of The Smiths) mixed with some reverb-laden moments that you'd find in Bloc Party or even early tracks by Editors.
Huge feels of nostalgia.

At 35-years-old Chords of Indigo said "I believe that may be deemed ancient in this industry... stick with me.) Albeit pretty much exclusively very privately. A few months ago I decided "F**k it, I'm going for it", and here we are with a track he can be incredibly proud of.

Written and produced completely independently in his bedroom studio Chords of Indigo is one of the many emerging self-produced acts that are making waves on the national scene, so do everyone a favour and follow them on the socials and Spotify before everyone else jumps on the bandwagon.