Connor Kelly & The Time Warp unveils big new tune, "Roy G. Biv"

Coming out of Knoxville is Connor Kelly & The Time Warp and with that they come with their new tune, "Roy G. Biv". The latest single from the Tennessee outfit sees them release the first cut of 2023, and even better that this is the first slice of new music since the release of their last album "Distant Forest".

With well over 5 million plays on Spotify alone it's rather clear that the band has refined their sound down to the point where anything they put out is, at a minimum, sensational. "Roy G. Biv" is a whirlwind of sounds that incorporates both psychedelic, surf, and alt-rock - all the while keeping the listener engaged with some atmospheric vocals that can even reach the upper stratosphere.

If this is the first song you'll ever hear by Connor Kelly & The Time Warp then you're in for a feast when you check out their albums. Just be sure to give them a follow on socials and Spotify, plenty more tunes are going to be incoming!