Frederick, The First returns with new single, "So Good"

Having released a three-track EP in 2020, 2021, and 2022 too Frederick, The First has now returned with a slice of something new, "So Good". The California-based artist has been hard at work refining his sound and it now feels like he has really hit his stride.

Retro and funky!

Frederick (great name) has really struck gold here, as you will hear right as the track kicks off. We've got this syrupy thick bassline slapping your ears, combine with his soulful vocals and it's already a funky jam of a track.

The licks of guitar Frederick has in "So Good" helps bring it to life, and it's here that I feel like Nile Rodgers might have had a say in how this track was shaped it's that retro and funky.

I do hope there is a bigger release coming as this song could easily kick off the hype train for this rising LA artist.