Izzy Pingrey reveals stripped-back new single, "narcissus"

With clear over 30,000 plays on her debut single Izzy Pingrey has returned with new latest effort, "narcissus". It's been a sharp rise for the New York-based singer-songwriter and with over 40 playlist curators picking up on her debut release there is clearly something about her that means she's on to big things.

She's definitely onto big things based on this track!

So, the new single, it's rather stripped back with a simple beat kicking it off with an equally simplistic guitar tone. Her vocals are by far the main attraction here, and with the tones offering the listener something soft and warm you soon will be won over.

The track is one of those cuts that is above the rest, and no doubt will push Izzy into plenty more people's playlists - and of course hearts.

Speaking about the single she says - "I wrote 'narcissus' after dealing with some friendship troubles. I felt so overlooked, like I was just pouring my heart and soul into multiple relationships that didn’t reciprocate the love and care that I was giving. I’ve been interested in Greek mythology since I was a kid, and while I was ranting about some teenage drama I accidentally forgot to pronounce the T in 'narcissist,' and the rest just flowed out of me after that. I wrote 'narcissus' for myself and for anyone else who needs to think less about people who don’t think so much about them".