Jamie Bosanko shares charming new track, "A Little Grace"

Following on from his "Life Will Do" single that came out in March earlier this year, and in fine form, the new single is just as solid as the previous cut.

"A Little Grace" opens up with a warm guitar tone that reminds me of Country music, but without the accent, it's a charming tone that carries the track forwards all the while interweaving with the crisp percussion and of course Jamie's stunning vocals.
Yet another charming track from a great singer-songwriter.

Sitting in at over fou and a half minutes long it's the sort of single that you can get all cozy up with, sip a whisky and sink away with the world spinning by.

Speaking about the new single the Barrow-based singer-songwriter mentions - " ... 'A Little Grace' is a nuanced song that focuses on a feeling of desperation and failure but also hoping for an undeserved redemption."