Jaws The Shark drops energetic new single, "Suff City"

London act Jaws The Shark yesterday dropped their energetic new single, "Suff City", and we're all over it like a dog eating hot chips.

A clear out-and-out rock banger.

As soon as it kicks off we've got a drumbeat that gives me big nostalgic memories of The Subways mixed with Feeder, it's frantic and high octane. It doesn't stop there as the vocals have a slight nasally-come-gravelly tone which adds to the whole upbeat tone of the track. What makes this track even better than you may already think is that it's a solo cut from Olly Bailey.

With support from big hitters such as BBC Rad 1, Radio X, and BBC 6 Music it's clear that he is on the path to something amazing, besides, with over half a million plays on his music via Spotify it's rather obvious he's got some bangers!