Joyce Martens releases charming new song, "This Night"

Based out of The Netherlands is Joyce Martens, and last week saw the singer-songwriter release her charming new song, "This Night". The new cut is lifted from her debut EP, "A Little Time", and is one of two previously unreleased tracks. Its inclusion on the EP is very welcomed as it's a soft-rock gem that screams sophistication.

A soft-rock gem.

Even though it's less than three minutes long it's got a charming guitar line that opens it all up, with it reminding me of Babybird's track "You're Gorgeous" before her smooth vocals come rolling by.

The drumbeat gives it a somewhat danceable edge to it, and in the chorus especially I can see this being a crowd-pleaser in a live setting. Indeed, by the time you're at the track's end, your foot will be tapping along with the beat (trust me).