Kid Lazuras unveils "All Over Again", their soulful new single

Bristol's Kid Lazuras have recently unveiled their soulful new single, "All Over Again", which acts as the third promo single for their debut album "Utopia".

"Utopia" sounds like it's going to be incredibly enriched with the inclusion of this track, and even though it was originally released back in 2021 it still sounds just as fresh as the day it first dropped.

Soulful, funky, and vocally stunning.

"All Over Again" is a smooth and soulful track, with glorious vocal hooks adorning it throughout the single is backed up with a constant guitar that's either funky or punchy. Considering the track was "made in a shed" - as the band puts it - it sounds just as well recorded and produced as the very best.

With the album dropping on the 15th of August you need to give this cut (and the others) a thorough listen as the LP could be one of a kind!