LLO LLO unveils their new cut, "Rory"

 LLO LLO has just recently unveiled their brand new cut, "Rory",  lifted from their AA-side single "Rory & Paul". The new single comes quickly off their five-track-long EP "Quit While You're Ahead" - released only just last month.

It's equally urgent, dreamy, and nostalgic

If you're a fan of theirs it's clear that you're being absolutely spoilt as of late, and this new slice of music is a very jangly affair that gives off slight nostalgia due to strong comparisons against The Smiths. The vocal lines are very hazy and would fit perfectly if the track was more a dream-pop cut, but regardless of genre this song still holds itself to be one heck of an experience.

It's equally urgent, dreamy, and nostalgic and has vocal lines that can get you singing along by the end of the song.