The Ultra Violets shares brooding new single, "SEX"

With two singles released in 2021 following their formation back in 2020, this is the first slice of new music from the Cornwall-based band in two years, and what a return it is!

The swagger-laden song kicks things off with a blend of an organ and guitar that is beat-perfect. Not too long to wait before the vocals come in, and they're rather Brit-Pop orientated with a slight nasally tone giving it an extra dimension. 

Beat-perfect and very charming, we love "SEX'.

It's a big and bold indie-pop/rock anthem, and this sound that The Ultra Violets have landed upon is one of the many reasons why they were chosen to support the legendary pop trio, McFly, at one of their big outdoor shows.

Speaking about the song the vocalist Perran mentions - " ... "Sex" came about after Marc (the guitarist) was telling me this unfortunate story about his friend, the next day I picked up the guitar and the story was still fresh in my mind, I had the melody first, so I kept singing the main hook. SEX SEX SEX over and over, then I remembered every single detail Marc had told me the previous night, so I started pencilling it in to fit the melody."