Tony Lio reveals dreamy new single, "Sweet Romantic"

Hailing from Lawrenceville in the USA is Tony Lio and at the start of July saw the singer-songwriter reveal his dreamy new single, "Sweet Romantic". The latest track from Tony is his second release since his 2022 EP, "Chaotic Desires", and is a fantastic slice of what he's all about.
"Sweet Romantic" is such an underdog of a track.

With the new single acting as his first of 2023, it sounds like he wants to kick things off this year with a bold and captivating dream-rock tune. As soon the track starts you've got this sizzling synth in the background giving you a warm tone deep within your head, shortly after a crisp acoustic guitar rolls I with Tony's vocals caressing your ears like a gentle breeze on a warm summer's day, soothing and captivating your senses with each melodious note.

"Sweet Romantic" is such an underdog of a track, with the song straddling genres it's definitely one to delve into head first!