Amber T returns with big new single, "Why Try"

East Grinstead's very own Amber T has sensationally returned with her big new single, "Why Try", and it comes off the back of her getting over a million plays on her solo tracks. The rise of Amber may have gone under the radar but we all feel that this new single may just be the track that gets her in front of the masses. 

Powerful vocal tones and emotional hooks all laid upon an indie-rock sound.

Vocally it's more of the same powerful tones and emotional hooks but backed up this time by some charming indie-rock-sounding guitars and drum sequences.

The track was written during lockdown when Amber was just 16 years old, and it embodies the feelings of helplessness and frustration shared by many during those challenging times. But like those hard times it all passed, and we're now left with some stunning songs like this to remind us of that weird part of 2020 that felt like a haze.