Atari Pilot reveals new single, "4X / 22"

If you're a longtime reader of the site then you'll be well aware of Atari Pilot, and recently the Swindon band revealed their new single, "4X / 22". The track is their fourth release of the year and is yet another charging affair adorned with charismatic guitars.

... the synergy on this track is what makes it!

The initial burst of sound is not just a mere introduction; it's a powerful invitation that beckons the listener to immerse themselves fully in the sonic experience about to unfold, once the vocals come rolling by you'd be soon realize that you will be sticking around until the end.

The drive the backline has got in "4X / 22" is phenomenal, and only gets better once the high hats and synths come in, I get a big whiff of the early 1990s here mixed with the more recent style of synths (think CHVRCHES), the synergy on this track is what makes it!