Bird Machine releases soaring new single "Hellos and Frowns"

Straddling both Australia and New Zealand is Bird Machine and at the tail end of July saw them release their new single, "Hellos and Frowns". Since the band started to drop their music in 2022 it's been quite the rise for this duo.

The future looks bright for this duo, just be sure to get your ears around this now.

The new single is one of the most captivating tracks in the folk genre, and it's rather obvious to hear from the first few seconds before a cascading wall of guitars comes at you before the chorus. The addition of dreamy tones and slightly jangly/angular guitars really add depth to "Hellos and Frowns"

With an EP already streaming I'm sure with every release they'll forever be able to grow, and who knows they'll be having their tunes on Triple J's Hot 100 - it's got the potential for it for sure!

Hot tip - do be sure to head to their Soundcloud for an exclusive cover of Bob Dylan's "Bird Machine".