Conflict Hope reveals their debut offering, "Echo"

Hailing from Dundee in Scotland is a band that sounds like they'll be rising fast. Conflict Hope is them and they've recently revealed their debut offering, "Echo". 

High-octane stadium-ready rock.

The band is fronted by a prolific TikToker  Mollie Stevenson (who's got clear over 3m views) and as soon as I heard her vocals I got a big nostalgic slice of Evanescence mixed with Paramore, especially with how fast-paced this effort it.

Musically it's so charging, like a raging bull running down those streets in Spain, the thrill you get is similar too as the guitar tones ignites sparks in your body giving you a foot-stomping pulse to jam to. For a debut single this is most certainly going to go down as a classic, just be sure to stick around for more anthems when they eventually drop!