DAWKS unveils retro-infused anthem, "RIGHT PLACE / WRONG TIME"

Hartlepool singer-songwriter DAWKS has recently unveiled his retro-infused anthem, "RIGHT PLACE / WRONG TIME", which acts as just his third-ever single release.

... it's an acoustically charged anthem!

The song bursts out of the running blocks and is anthemic right away with DAWKS' vocals seemingly soaring beyond the stratosphere. He then takes us for a slight chill-out as the track mellows out with clean percussion, his beautiful vocals, and an acoustic guitar paving the way.

The chorus for me is by far the best part of the track, I get notes of Britpop mixed in with more acoustic contemporary sounds of DMA's for example. Now considering this is just his third-ever release I'm sure he will be on the radar of tastemakers, curators, and even labels- just keep an eye on this County Durham sensation.