Etham releases his captivating new single, "Waiting for You",

Prepare the be blown away as British singer-songwriter Etham has recently released his captivating new single, "Waiting for You". The artist has just shy of one million monthly listeners on Spotify alone, and it seems that this song could be the one that'll push him over that much sought-after number.
Stunning in every single possible way.

Gone are the acoustically charged pop tunes and in the wake comes this guitar-lead anthem-ready slice of pop perfection. His vocals are on point here and highlight rather beautifully why he has got so much attention already. 

I have to admit that if Etham continues to create tracks such as this then the whole world will be listening to him, and hanging onto every single word. 

The new song is lifted off his forthcoming EP and signifies perhaps a shift somewhat in his sound, but regardless, if you love what you heard do be sure to check out his other tracks (he even featured on a track by GEMINI, South Korea's rising pop sensation).