Foreign Voices returns with bold new offering, "Empiric"

From the very South of England (Plymouth to be exact) we have the brilliant Foreign Voices, with bold new offering, "Empiric". The single is just their second release to date, following on from the three-track long self-titled offering.

"Empiric" sounds like a kaleidoscopic fusion of Muse, Bloc Party and The Strokes.

One thing that hit me like a rocket from the get-go is those vocals, I'm getting big Matt Bellamy tones from it, even down to the way he breathes through the words. Musically we have a very post-punk sound to it with angular guitars that are attacking and edgy.

The playfulness of the guitars gives the track that somewhat danceable edge, and when the track hits in the chorus it almost confirms it with some big crossfading sounds going off. It really sounds like a fusion of Muse, Bloc Party and The Strokes.