Forgotten Garden drops dark new single, "Francesca"

Inverness-based Forgotten Garden have today released their stunning new track, titled "Francesca" it's their first outing since 2022's "Memoriam" came out.
A tender slice of dark-pop with dreamy vocal hooks.

The duo's new song opens up with a charming guitar tone that anyone who likes their dream-pop music will sure to love, but then the track takes up a more darker tone with InĂªs's vocal tones taking over proceedings. Her voice on this track is sensational invoking a range of emotions that resonate deeply with me even on the first listen.

For me the track reminds of Arcade Fire, Lana Del Rey and The Cure (especially with those warmed up dark tones). Having worked as a duo since 2019 they seem to be ever-improving release by release, so if you like what you heard then please delve into their other tracks on their Soundcloud and Spotify pages.