Gretchin unveils dreamy new tune, "Send Me Your Lover"

London singer-songwriter Gretchin has recently unveiled her arty and dreamy new tune, "Send Me Your Lover". With just six singles (including this) released since she broke out onto the scene in 2016 she's clearly managed to capture plenty of new fans over the years, and with her single "Now" getting over 35k plays on Spotify alone.

A welcome return for one of London's biggest vocalists, dreamy and powerful just the way we like it.

When you start listening to "Send Me Your Lover" it hits you, her vocals almost welcome you like an old friend into their house, and there's a sense of familiarity as you're walked down the hallway to this charming blend of guitars and clean (almost jazz-like) percussion.

With a quick build-up to the chorus it bursts into life, and it's here that you're now a fan, it's short and sweet but gives you a strong 90s rock vibe. All I feel Gretchin needs is an album worth of tracks as good as this and she will be all over the charts, it's that good!

Top tip, head to her Soundcloud for some exclusive tracks you won't find on Spotify!