Hearts share upbeat debut single "Slide"

It's been a while since we've had a Swedish band on the site, and just as long even it's been since we shared a debut track, that all now change with Hearts' upbeat debut single "Slide".

Jammed into three minutes runtime is plenty of hooks for any guitar/indie/alt music fan to get lost and mesmorised in. A bold entry kicks you back into your chair, and swiftly after is a commanding (and chunky) bassline giving you this thick-as rumble in your ears.

An out-and-out anthem

The frantic nature of the drums will almost end up having you tapping your feet within moments, and combined with the direct vocals we can see this song being a cornerstone of their live sets!

Catfish and The Bottlemen (UK), The Bongo Club (SE), and Bottlecap(SE) it's no wonder this tune is an out-and-out anthem! The single will also feature on their debut EP, so if you want more tunes like this then be sure to give these lot a follow!