Hunter reveals his bold new offering, "Little Games"

Since Hunter revealed his debut single back in 2021 he has gone to release a few more tunes since, and now sees the release of his bold new offering, "Little Games".

It sounds like he's ready to burst onto the national scene with this track.

The new single is a very energetic track with a strong guitar riff that really holds the track together. It's not just the guitar but his vocals are incredibly pop-punk, helping to give "Little Games" that mosh-pit ready feel to it.

Speaking about the track Hunter mentions - "[It's a] song based on the personal struggle of coming out of one’s shell and trying to learn how to once again love people and life in the wake of significant loss and grief."

The new single may just be his best yet, and by the sound if it the Chicago-based singer-songwriter may be on the cusp of breaking out of the scene in his home town and burst onto the national airwaves. Just do yourself a favour and follow his journey on his socials!