Jay Roecker releases synth heavy new tune "Mi Amor (I Had A Dream)"

With a smattering of releases from Jay Roecker in 2023 already he has recently released the single version of "Mi Amor (I Had A Dream)", which is also featured on his latest album "Electronic Symphonic".

A dreamy intro is laced with soaring synths and ethereal vocals and it hooks you in, right then once you're committed the track bursts into this bright and chunky synth-pop anthem.

A chunky synth-pop anthem.

The bass within the new single is absolutely stunning, thick, and wobbly with enough power to rip apart your car speakers on full power. Vocally it's dominant too with Jay's 80s-tinted vocals gripping you like a hostage, but this is more Stockholm syndrome as when the track ends you'll easily run back for more.

What's best is that there is plenty of more tunes such as this on Jay's Spotify page and even more tunes to sink your teeth into!