Tea Head unveils their new track, "Needles"

Having formed back in 2018 the Philadelphia-based Tea Head have certainly played their fair bit of shows in and around their hometown. Earlier this month unveiled their new track, "Needles", which is their third release of the year so far, and judging by their release schedules it might not be the last.

... a charming slice of indie-rock with some pop sensibilities

"Needles' is a delicate indie-rock tune with some beautiful jangly moments of guitars, giving the listener a slight The Smiths-vibe to get down to.

Vocally is strong with a clear delivery that can easily paint a picture in your head thanks to the vivid lyrics. Overall I'd say this is a charming slice of indie-rock with some pop sensibilities, certainly one to stick on in a summer heatwave and to have with a cold beverage.