Cope & Drag reveals their new single, "Baby, Etc"

Bursting out of the Melbourne music scene is rising act Cope & Drag, and earlier this month saw the band reveal their lo-fi new single, "Baby, Etc". Since they've been releasing music (starting in 2020) the band has been refining their sound bit by bit, release by release, and we think they've nailed it down now. 

It's got such swagger and huge protentional for your moodier playlists!

The boom of the drums as it kicks off honestly hooked me, and combine that with the jangly tones coming from the multiple layers of guitars and it's not long before I rushed to click repeat. The moody vocals brings to me sounds of the 1980s, but with some added sheen.

It's got such swagger and huge potential for your moody playlists, do be sure to give this a spin - and delve into their older tunes while you're at it!