Desert Life shares organic new single, "Tangled Light"

Coming out of Tenby in Wales is Desert Life and today sees the band share their organic new single, "Tangled Light". The new single comes hot off the heels of "I don't wanna know", and it's subsequent 'lo-fi acoustic version' and showcases the band's mighty prowess and ambient sounds. 

As soon as you press start on the track you are welcomed in with a crisp drumbeat with some smooth guitars that sound like they've been crafted by The Beatles. "Tangled Light" is a very flowing track that takes the listener on a ride up in the upper atmosphere.

I also get some very big early-Coldplay and Thom Yorke vibes from this track too, which culminates in the listener having a sweet aftertaste once the track's finished. With this track being lifted from their forthcoming debut album the hype has well and truly started!