Dom Malin reveals his nostalgic new tune, "Fever"

Birmingham-based singer-songwriter Dom Malin a few days ago revealed his nostalgic new tune, "Fever". The new cut from Malin comes off the back of him smashing some serious stats out of the park, including over half a million plays on Spotify alone.

He's sounding like the next best singer-songwriter to come out of the Midlands at this rate!

With numbers such as that we entered the track with an expectation, but what was to come still blew us away. It's very clear why he is going viral, the infectious vocal tones are so smooth it's like black treacle running over your ears, just sweet and so delightful.

Musically it's jangly and synthy, two types of 80s inspired music that you don't hear together all too much, but on "Fever" it works like salt and pepper. The fact that he is creating tune after tune showcases that he can easily be the next big thing to come out of the West Midlands.