EASTON reveals their catchy new offering, "End Times"

Coming right out of California is EASTON, and today he has revealed his catchy new offering, "End Times". The new tune is his second of 2023 following on from his exciting single, "Can't Help But Check My Phone", and he's not just any singer-songwriter as he has well over a million streams on his tracks on Spotify alone!

... deep, brooding and very mood rock - just how we like it.

Photos by Preston Alan Denunzio @preston__shoots

So with those facts in mind you'd be half expecting this to wow you, and it certainly does that. EASTON's vocals are by far the highlight of the track for me, they're deep, brooding and very moody - easily able to capture your ears and perk them up before the chorus comes in.

When the track bursts into life you're there, you're in the zone. It's a great example and reason why thousands of people are coming back to his music time and time again, so if you love it be sure to check out his other tunes.