Fedbo shares bold new single, "In Your Thoughts"

Based out of Berlin, Germany is Fedbo and he has recently shared his bold and charming new single, "In Your Thoughts". The new single is his second of the year and is only his fourth release as a solo artist, but honestly after listening to this in it's entirety multiple times I'd not even have had that thought sneak into my mind.

A smooth acoustic slice of indie-folk.

Photo by Martina Schramm

Usually artists based in and around the Berlin area don't cater for the more mellow and acoustic-leaned tones, more upbeat disco/dance etc. "In Your Thoughts" is one of those tracks that can grip you by the vocals alone, and when they come at you right from the get-go it's so wonderful.

Speaking of the track Fedbo says- "'I wrote this song at the beginning of 2020 when in a long distance relationship I was trying to reflect and appreciate all nuances and positive aspects of finding yourself in such a commitment. As the pandemic hit, the relationship, and with it the song, evolved in an unexpected and bittersweet twist''

Playing over the vocal tones are a playful guitar mixed in with some brass instruments which adds plenty of depth, like a well rounded fine wine almost. With more tracks coming I'm sure this isn't the last time we'd be sinking into Febdo's soft tones.