Ghost Prom reveals their fuzzy new single, "5am"

Coming out of the charming Hudson Valley in New York is Ghost Prom, and the duo has in the last week revealed their brand new single, "5am". The ever-consistent duo are comprised of husband/wife Cameron and Eden, and have been releasing music as a duo since 2021, with every track surpassing 10k streams on Spotify.

Perfectly warm and fuzzy, right down to the core.

The fuzzy new single straddles the lines between psych-rock and alt-rock, add in moody vocal hooks and there is a huge sense of occasion.  It to me sounds like the kind of track that'll be a great addition at their live shows, with those warm guitars in the chorus acting almost like a huge hug. With a couple of delightful guitar solos added in this is a track for the refined music fan in you.