Grace & Moji reveal their bold new single, "Tipping Point"

After two strong singles the husband and wife indie-pop duo of Grace & Moji are back. The duo on Friday revealed their bold and bright new single, "Tipping Point", which is a tender slice of folk mixed with indie sensibilities.

... it seems like Grace & Moji are on course to break out internationally- watch this space.

With close to 40k plays spread amongst their first two singles this is the track that (at least for me) I can see them getting huge with. Right from the get-go we have Moji's wonderful vocals, giving us big tones of Ben Howard and Benjamin Francis Leftwich. Not long after Grace's tones come in to balance it all off, giving you a oft pillow to rest your ears upon.

"Tipping Point" is incredible delicate in places, but when it needs to be it can pack a punch like any other strong indie-folk track can do. Even though they're based out of California they seem to be doing so well for themselves, and that's nothing against the state, just it's so hard to break it - but it seems like Grace & Moji are on course to break out internationally!