Luna Keller returns with the vibrant new track, "Live It All" in collab with Clouds and Thorns

It's New Music Friday and what a better way to delve deep into new music with Luna Keller's vibrant new single, "Live It All". The new cut is a collaboration with Clouds and Thorns (from the USA) and is once more an incredibly upbeat slice of folk music.
Uplifting folk inspired music that'll fill your heart up with joy.

If you like the sounds of Of Monsters and Men, Mumford and Sons and the uplifting tones of Coldplay then "Live It All" is going to be a favourite of yours in no time. Speaking about the song Luna Keller says - " ... "Live It All" is an anthem to embracing the highs and lows in live and celebrate being alive."

The tempo of the song is perfect to jumping around to, with vocals that will entice you to chant then even on the first play. The mood here is literally amazing, with it filling every crevasse of your heart with joy and pure bliss.