Moloto & Babskin shares their vibrant new offering, "Left Side"

Last Friday saw Moloto & Babskin share their vibrant new offering, "Left Side", with the new single acting as the duo's second single together following on from the 2022 release, "Same Game". The Italian duo is a coming together of producer, musician and DJ Stefano Florio and the Italian-French singer and artist Elodie Lebigre.

Ethereal with enough power to lift your mood up!

As soon as you kick things off with "Left Side" it's clear that the new single was designed to get you hooked. It's that smooth electronic sound blowing by that got my interested, and not long after those angelic vocals entered.

I found as soon as the track picked up I was getting into it more, first the bass came in and percussion followed it felt like a Grimes track almost, even in how it was produced. It's anthemic and rather ethereal, it certainly can elevate your mood!