Slowfade Observatory shares new single, "Shelly"

York-based collective Slowfade Observatory last month shared their new single, "Shelly", and has since been released again as a part of their debut album "Please Don't Go". The new single (and the rest of the tunes on the subsequent album) was all written through sessions and jams while the UK was in and out of Covid lockdowns.
... the journey you're on as a listener on this track is sensational

The track itself is one of those warm and acoustically charged slices of bliss, add in the fact that the vocal tones are one of the most inviting we've heard recently too! The track isn't all acoustic guitar and voice, as it starts to evolve right before your ears with a smooth synth wallowing through.

The track around the mid-point is more leaning in the psych-pop more than acoustic but the journey you're on as a listener is sensational, so if you love this then be sure to delve into their 15-track strong debut album!