TaughtMe reveals their new single, "When I Calm Down"

Bursting out of the Oakland, CA music scene is TaughtMe and recently has seen them reveal their powerful new single, "When I Calm Down".

Originally from Utah the musician is no stranger to captivating music that's vocally lead, if you listen to his previous track "Laugh on Me" you can hear his tones soaring high, and this new track is more of the same.

Possibly the next Thom Yorke-type musician to come out of the states.

Speaking about the track TaughtMe says - " ... "When I Calm Down" is a song about spiritual asphyxiation. It begins with scenes of tranquility and safety then suddenly pivots into gusts of desperation. Eventually, after a lengthy struggle, it ends with relief."

The fragile sounds heard reminds me of a certain Thom Yorke in places, and when you also consider the bold production levels and big sounds within you can't help compare him against the legendary British singer-songwriter. 

The new track will feature on his forthcoming album - due out later on this year - so do be sure to follow him on Spotify to keep up to date with releases!