The Lovepools share their dark new synth-pop tune, "Something = Nothing"

Los Angeles-based The Lovepools have just recently shared their dark new synth-pop tune, "Something = Nothing", the new offering comes after a two year break following their "Island of My Own" single - and since has seen them smash past the 200k play mark on Spotify.
A great example of synth-lead dark-pop.

The duo are rather consistent with their work, and this new slice of music has us reaching back in time to the likes of MGMT at their finest, even with nods towards the likes of Gorillaz mixed in. 

The beat that's within the track is very haunting, offering the listener a peak into their minds, and combined with the dark and moody vocals the track has a slight 'late October night' feel to it. It's bold and punchy in places with glistening electronic whirls, but with a great dark cloud casting a shadow over it, we absolutely love this!