Yardij unveils their exciting new track, "Your Move"

Coming right out of Fort Lauderdale in the USA is Yardij, today sees the unveiling of their new track, "Your Move". The latest track comes off the back of their 2022 cut "Caller ID" and is more of the same captivating alt-indie.

... out-and-out atmospheric alt-rock!

With some skittering drums opening the track up you get this big whiff of Radiohead entering the room, add in some synths and the track is starting to quickly evolve. The dreamy vocals of Deja then enter and the whole atmosphere of the song is starting to build up like a thunderstorm. It then erupts in the chorus, where for me it's at it's peak, as it's so bold and captures the band at their finest.

Speaking about the track the band says - " ... "Your Move" is a narrative woven with musical threads that bring to life intricate emotions of sudden unexpected change and departure. The track delves into the depths of uncertainty when someone you hold dear decides to take a daring new path, leaving behind a wave of feelings that resonate universally."

This track is a huge step forwards for Yardij, so be sure to delve deep into this awesome slice of alt-rock, just out-and-out atmospheric alt-rock!