Kat King unveils their nostalgic dream-pop single, "Bright-Eyed"

With their third single release of the year is Kat King with their jangly new dream-pop tune, "Bright-Eyed"

Literally, as the track starts off you're welcomed in with warm arms, the smooth and jangly guitar tones act as a massive hug as you start to delve into this new cut. It's not soon after it's started that we have some sensational vocals, leaning towards the ethereal side of things but that just helps elevate the track into the stratosphere.
Be sure to give Kat King a listen to before all of those hipsters do!

Once the chorus hits you get a smack of nostalgia coming at you, and I have to admit I felt like it was lifted out of the 1990s here, the combination of the smooth vocals and the charming bassline was two key elements in this.

Based on this track alone we headed into their back catalogue shortly after and we were not disappointed, so do be sure to give this under-the-radar band a listen to before all of those hipsters do.