Lapenzi releases her smooth new single, "Pretend"

Hailing from the sun-kissed Gold Coast in Australia is Lapenzi and today see's her release her second ever single, "Pretend". The new cut comes hot off the heels of her debut track "Cross Your Heart" and now sets up the singer-songwriter rather well for future releases.

It's an incredibly smooth track that's just pure and heartfelt.

The reason why this track sets up forthcoming tracks is that this single and the debut are two mega tracks that seriously showcases Lapenzi's prowess. This track especially has great tones of piano mixed in with angelic synths, and of course let's not brush-aside her vocals which sound like they belong at the very top of festival billings!

Speaking about the song she says - "This song was written about a time in my life where I used to project all my happiness into the person I would date and build my life around them. I always had this fear of being alone as I struggled with self-worth and confidence so stayed in unhealthy relationships longer than I should have. Pretend is about the heartache of a breakup and wanting someone back due to the love you still have for them regardless of the reason for the breakup."

It's an incredibly smooth track that's just pure and heartfelt, and if you've had a upset in a relationship be sure to give this a spin to help you heal.