Martina Magionami reveals new track, "Fools", lifted from her latest EP

Florence-based artist Martina Magionami has recently reveled her new track, "Fools", lifted from her latest EP, "Loop". Speaking about the song Martine mentions - "... ["Fools" is] a song for the misunderstood artist, sometimes seen by others as na├»ve or crazy."

Delightful vocals, especially in the chorus!

Having performed for the likes of Sofar Sounds it's no wonder why she was selected after I heard this new piece. "Fools" is a very relaxing acoustic-pop track with subtle hints of piano and some energetic hand-claps to add to the atmosphere of it all.

Vocally what we have is something charming, and with every release it seems that she builds with confidence, and the chorus on this track especially highlights her prowess. So if you like what you hear then be sure to check out the rest of the EP for more tunes such as this!

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