Peter Beatty unveils his new single "Tell Me Where To Go"

Back with his third-ever solo release is Peter Beatty and the new single "Tell Me Where To Go", the single comes released on the same day as the music video - of which it received a 'Best Song' award at the Cannes World Film Awards in July 2023.
Vocally and instrumentally tender with emotive lyrics, Peter Beatty's new single is an absolute winner in my eyes.

So with that in mind we're now setting the bar very high here, and just as well as it's an absolute stunner. Peter's vocals are so tender, and you can easily hear his emotion behind the lyrics with every word spoken.

The new singles is taken from his forthcoming debut album "Different Flowers" - out in Jan 2024 via Nightjar Recordings. So if you like what you hear be sure to follow him on Spotify so you get the album as soon as it drops!