The Thing With Feathers drops their biggest single yet, "Something Wrong"

One of the best thing about owning a music discovery site is that sometimes a small band can go on and become absolutely huge, and that's what is about to happen with The Thing With Feathers. The band just over a week ago dropped what could arguably their biggest single yet, "Something Wrong".

With a two EP's and plenty of singles this band now has the material to headline huge venues, it's now more of 'when' it'll happen more than anything (I just hope they come to Europe!)

Speaking about the song David Welcsh (lead singer) says - "The song is about the way up. It’s about meeting someone new and exciting. It’s about the fear and the thrill of pushing down what hurts your heart and stepping out on shaky ground"

The somewhat edgy indie-rock anthem left me utterly captivated, as it's got some epic vocals that simply soars with raw emotion and power.  The new single has plenty of attitude and showcases why this exciting Nashville-based band is taking over Spotify playlists left, right and center.