Dearest Henry reveals his debut single, "This Life"

Canada's Dearest Henry just two days ago burst onto the scene with his debut single, "This Life". Dearest Henry is the solo project of musician Michael Harmel and on from first listen we couldn't help but feel emotional towards it.

A heartfelt debut single from a rising Canadian artist.

"This Life" is written about his Grandfather who also was a musician, and you can easily hear the emotion in the song, it's so heartwarming.

The lyrics are incredibly relatable, and for me this helps a lot. As a new artist/band launches you always need this slight hook to draw in new listeners, and for "This Life" I feel that it's the raw and honest lyrics. Not to mention that the vocals on this are just so sweet, like sticky toffee on a warm winter evening.

Speaking about the song he says - "After losing my father I took some time away from music to reflect and focus on family. As I find music can be healing it was important for me to return to songwriting and the creative process. I hope that sharing some of my more personal songs such as 'This Life' will resonate with others who have also experienced loss."