Heart Foundation share their dreamy new single, "Anniversary"

Hailing from Lincolnshire in the UK is the brotherly duo of Heart Foundation, and just about ten days ago saw them share their dreamy new single, "Anniversary". The new single acts as their second-ever release as a duo, but when you're listening to this you'd hardly think that.

"Anniversary" is an incredibly polished indie-rock track with plenty of nostalgic tones flowing throughout. Right from the outset I felt a strong The Maccabees vibe in this, I guess it could be the dreamy vocals backed upon some cinematic guitar tones.

The production on the track is sensational with nothing being too hidden or too drowned out, and again I'm sitting here wondering when they'll be performing to massive crowds (not if, when). If you like what you hear then do be sure to check out their debut single, and while you're there take a mental note of the date - they could be huge and soon based off of the quality of the music.