Jennifer Alvarado unveils her bold new tune, "Colorado"

Coming off the back of her "Songbird Part Two" release is Jennifer Alvarado with her bold new tune, "Colorado". Usually songs that teeter into the 'Country' genre go two ways, a big no or a yes, this one however has broken the mould as it's blown me away.

Soulful storytelling, this is Alvarado at her very best.

Once again we are presented with Jennifer's strong vocals, carrying the song like your mate carrying you home after a marathon, it's right beside you giving you that extra amount of energy.

You can easily hear why Jennifer has won multiple awards since she's been releasing music, a key moment here is when the soaring guitar plays off perfectly with her soulful vocals. The new single is also the first off of Jennifer’s next project that will be out next Spring, so if you this then do be sure to keep an eye on her releases in the coming months.