King in Yellow unveil their second-ever single, "Lightning Returning"

What do you get when you blend Avant-Garde and New-Wave influences with Alt-Rock beats, well what you get is King in Yellow with their high-octane new single, "Lightning Returning".

Frantic New-Wave with plenty of hooks to draw you in.

The single is just their second outing since forming but it really packs a punch. If you're a fan of The Smiths then vocally you may feel like this track is right down your street, and if you're into your heavier drum-fills this will also be a track that'll get your head bopping.

The tempo here is fantastic, it's furious for the most part and has plenty of chunky bass and guitar hooks - with plenty of moments for an interested new fan to head right into their debut (once this single finishes). The new single from this New York state-based act could really push them into the forefront in their local scene, and who knows even beyond!