Man With A Corduroy Heart releases his fuzzy new single, "The Joy of Giving Up"

Hailing from Cambridge (a city I use to live in none the less) is Man With A Corduroy Heart with his second-ever release. Released just a week ago I get a big whiff of nostalgia coming off this song with tones ranging from The Beatles and The Smiths.

Fuzzy, hazy and plenty of nostalgia!

It's a very fuzzy track and with that comes a generous warmth from within, and even though the tempo is leaning more towards the relaxing end of the spectrum it still hits the feels just so.

Speaking about the song Ryan (aka Man With A Corduroy Heart) says - "It's about giving up on your dreams. I thought there were too many songs about chasing your dreams - And let's face it, most of us cant be fucked with the effort or admin so I wrote this as a contrast"

Having recorded this track with cassette tapes and writing it about giving up on your dreams it's clear Man With A Corduroy Heart doesn't like to confirm, and why not, everything in life is about being you, and this track is a perfect representation of his sound.