NEW ENTMT shares the funky new tune, "The Way Love Burns (Out)"

Everyone in the music world knows that Sweden is home to an abundance of amazing acts, and one of those acts is NEW ENTMT. The act a few days ago shared their funky new tune, "The Way Love Burns Out)", and my goodness it was love at first sight.
A debut tracks go this is up there with the best there's ever been.

NEW ENTMT (New Entertainment) are a brand new act (a solo project none the less), with this offering is their debut release and all I can think of is that they must have some absolute bangers lined up.

Key elements on "The Way Love Burns (Out)" that we loved were the panpipe sounds, which oddly takes me back to the early 2000s as we had a Peruvian man performing panpipe music in my hometown. Other than that this track could easily be an 80s classic with basslines that would make Nile Rodgers proud even.

Speaking about the single Tobias (of NEW ENTMT) mentions - "Three years may seem like a long time, but My goal was never to finish an EP; it was about confronting the turbulence in my life during that time. The songs helped me process and understand how I really felt". -