Pixia unveils her new dark-pop tune, "Boudoir Tears"

London-based Pixia today has unveiled her brand new dark-pop tune, "Boudoir Tears", which is her second outing of the year following on from "Habits".

A funky slice of dark-pop music with angelic vocals.

Kicking proceeds off with a delicate balance of keyboard tones and her angelic vocals is an easy way to easily get new fans on board with her sound, but as soon as the drums come cascading in it takes on a whole new form.

The funky guitar and basslines are a fine addition too, further enhancing this track to elevate it from just a regular alt-pop track to one that has enough swagger to captivate a crowd. With well over 600k streams on Spotify alone it's clear that Pixia is going from strength to strength, just be sure to follow her on the journey she's on!